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About Our Programme

Children must live in the world of beauty,
games, stories, music, drawing, imagination,
creativity ...

(V.A. Sukhomlinsky)

In "Hayot" kindergarten there are 8 Moby groups functioning. The number of students- 15-18 children

Our facilities:

– Music Hall.
– Athletic Facilities.
– Medical and health services.
– Art Studio.
– English classes.
– Research Laboratory.
– Archaeological excavations.
– Specialized mathematical study.
– Swimming pool.
- Dining room.
- On the territory of equipped areas for walking, the gazebos feature different themed game complexes. There are good potential human resources. The teaching staff is qualified and trained in kindergartens in Turkey. The team is quite young (average age of teachers for the beginning of the school year - 30 years) and is ready to work in a developing system.

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